How to Spend Your Summer Solstice

Sun and OakThursday is the Summer Solstice. So you’re thinking “What do I do to celebrate based on my Element Type?” Here are some thoughts to help you get the most out of this auspicious day. Pick a couple, and enjoy!

Fire – If your Fire is feeling less than optimum, be outside and walk to the East as the Sun comes up or to the West as the Sun goes down. Or, build a bonfire at night!

If your Fire is running too hot, wake up and take a barefoot walk outside, or how about some beach time, or go fishing. A good green smoothie perhaps?

Earth – Well, for Earth-types, the answer usually revolves around food and drink. Do it up, and surround yourself with your favorite peeps. Flex your brain and your muscles too!

Metal – Get a massage! You’re too stiff! Or at least watch the morning and evening skies change colors. In fact, watch people change colors and then copy them. Planning a camping trip comes naturally, right?

Water – Walk, jog, run up a hill. Wave your arms. Do some squats. Repeat. Sweating is good medicine. And keep your drapes wide open. Write down your fears and light them on fire with a magnifying glass.

Wood – Plant some seedlings. Maybe even acorns. Water and imagine them growing. Have a conversation but commit to only asking questions.

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