From Students

Dennis is one of those amazing teachers that reminds you why you are studying Chinese medicine and inspires you to learn more and more. He brings to the classroom a wealth of clinical experience, the ability to make difficult concepts comprehensible, and a real sense of caring for his students. His classes are packed full of applicable information, his sense of humour makes classtime fly by, and he pushes students to challenge themselves to a higher degree of learning. It is rare to find someone who is both a gifted practitioner and teacher, and Dennis is one of those people. Highly recommended.     ~ Brent Ackerman

It is rare to find the combination of someone being a great teacher and a great practitioner, and also so nice, and passionate, and humorous, I would take any class with Professor von Elgg that I could.    ~ Tre Laughlin

Dennis is one of the best instructors at AIMC. If all instructors were like Dennis the school would be bursting at the seams with students. He makes his class a fun and exciting place to be. He stimulates your mind to learn. He is very open and receptive to student needs.       ~ Adrianna Rodarte

Dennis brings a great deal of knowledge, experience, and humor to the classroom. The words that come to mind about Dennis as both a human being and a teacher are “authentic” and “honest,” and of course very funny. After many years of teaching the material is still alive for him, and he brings his love of the medicine (and baseball) to the classroom. I feel fortunate to have him as one of my teachers.     ~ Frances Wocicki

A caring, passionate person with many loves, including family, friends, students, and Chinese Medicine. The atmosphere in his classes is relaxed and supportive, and thus there is a great deal of learning going on. The contrast between the strained, stressed out atmosphere in some didactic classes, and the often humorous and never boring vibe in Dennis’ classes, is notable. If there is any way to increase your exposure to Dennis, go for it.     ~ Janet Barrows

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