From Patients

Dennis has been instrumental in my journey to wellness.Dennis’ skillful treatments and diagnostic insight helped tremendously in identifying a devastating sinus infection I suffered. Even more noteworthy was his help in recovering from it: I am especially impressed with his nutritional guidance, which was a key to getting thru the initial post-surgery days and building strength in the weeks following and beyond.
~ Seena, Berkeley

A friend of mine recommended Dennis von Elgg and I’ve referred several friends since because he is just that good. He is knowledgeable, takes time to listen, explains everything and has a lovely, dry sense of humor. I’ve worked with Dennis off and on for more than four years on several occasions, most recently for tinnitus – that ringing in the ears some people get and cannot get rid of. I had tried numerous treatments, including a variety of prescriptions and very expensive tinnitus retraining therapy, to no avail. Dennis was able to reduce the “noise” in my head to a manageable level in just a few sessions, and the associated pain is gone.
Acupuncture — especially with Dennis — is now my go-to treatment for help with health issues. But I also like to go when I’m healthy because then it feels like I’m maintaining a healthier, happier life for me (and those around me!).   ~ Stacey, Oakland

Since coming to see Dennis von Elgg for acupuncture treatments, I have been relieved of much physical discomfort.  It felt like something akin to arthritis was trying to settle into one of my fingers.  He treated it and it has not returned.  He has helped me greatly with neck, shoulder and hip pains.
When I was experiencing intense grief that had gone on a long time over the loss of a beloved pet, he treated that, and the sadness dissipated freeing me to remember the pleasant times with my pet and not be stuck in the sense of loss.
As well as being interested and empathetic with what I am experiencing at the time, Dennis von Elgg is very skilled in his acupuncture treatment, and I am happy to have found him for my acupuncturist.   ~ Trudi, Oakland

Dennis’ passion for and knowledge of Chinese medicine pairs perfectly with his genuine care for his patients.  I always look forward to visiting his office, for I know I am doing good work to heal my body and my spirit.  As a student of Chinese medicine who has seen many Acupuncturists over the years,  I am thrilled to know that there are practitioners like Dennis out there, really walking the talk, living and supporting others to live a more healthy, fulfilled life.  Thanks, Dennis!    ~ Merritt, Berkeley

After numerous medical tests and trips to naturopaths and other healers could not diagnose my digestive condition, I was luckily referred to Dennis by a friend.
He spent a lot of time with me during my first visit, responding with a lot of compassion and wisdom to my distress and asking meticulous questions.
He prescribed herbs, which immediately began to lessen my intense nausea and lack of appetite, and within 2 months of weekly visits, I was largely symptom free and feeling better overall than i have in a long time.
I can’t recommend Dennis enough, and am eternally grateful to him for helping me. He is now my “go to” person for all of my health needs.  ~ Jennifer, Berkeley

It is my pleasure to write a letter on behalf of Dennis. In the time that he has worked with me he has helped me greatly with a persistent knee issue.  In addition to his help in this area, he has also helped me to not only understand how I might begin to heal myself, but also to understand the ‘why’ behind everything that is happening with my body.
Dennis has a very easy spirit and a genuine concern for those he works with.  He also has a wealth of references if there is something beyond his scope of knowledge.  He does not just tell you what you should do but he helps you to come to your own conclusion.
Mine was a particularly delicate case as I am a kidney transplant patient.  However, I am pleased to say that my Nephrologist, suggested that I see Dennis on a regular basis as a supplement to his care.
Dennis has been instrumental in my journey to wellness. ~ Faith, Oakland

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