How should I prepare for my appointment?

Because the tongue is routinely examined as part of Chinese diagnosis, please do not brush the tongue or discolor it with hard candy, cough drops, tea or coffee within three hours of your appointment.

For best results from your acupuncture treatment, eat moderately within two hours of your treatment. Please do not come on an empty stomach or overly full.

It is helpful to bring a food journal of the prior several days if you would like to focus on diet from a Chinese medical perspective.

What should I wear?

Loose clothing is best, especially with pants. If it is necessary to remove constrictive clothing, sheets and gowns are available for coverage.

 Should I avoid anything after acupuncture?

Avoid strenuous activity, baths, hot tubs and preferably any strong substances such as nicotine or alcohol for three hours after the treatment. After a treatment soup or a warm cup of tea is very good for you to help consolidate and affect a positive outcome.

Will I get Herbs?

Most patients are prescribed herbs in one form or another. Chinese herbs are usually in the form of pills, powders, liniments, plasters or raw, which are boiled into a decoction. We will discuss which type is best for you in terms of efficacy and preference.

If I have a Cold or Flu, what should I do?

Please do not cancel your appointment if you are feeling under the weather or even contagious. In fact, don’t wait until your next appointment. Call so you can get help over the phone or be seen if necessary. The sooner a cold or flu is treated, the better it responds.

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