Keeping Yourself in Good Health

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By offering acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), I work with a large and varied community of people in Berkeley, Oakland, East Bay and the San Francisco Bay area.

Most of my patients have goals of either healing themselves or managing their life coping with a chronic pain or illness. Others are simply trying to get more out of life by improving their mental, emotional and physical health. I am always astounded by the effectiveness of acupuncture in all cases—for healing, and for maintaining health. Simply put: it works.

With acupuncture and Chinese herbs as my healing tools, I align a clear treatment plan alongside a prescribed herbal program to help the healing process.

I also help patients consider other approaches to their healthcare management — from allopathic strategies to complementary work, from dietary consultations to lifestyle adjustments — your good health is my passion. When people are healthy, there are greater opportunities for enjoyment of life, leaving more time for living life in balance.

Keeping you in good health. That is my lifework.


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